How to Hack In-app purchases/billing with Lucky patcher?

Lucky Patcher Billing Hack: Lucky Patcher can hack in-app purchases easily. Most importantly, you don’t need root access to hack in-app purchases with Lucky patcher.

Well, people are asking us about How To Hack In-App purchases without root. As a method of piracy purchases in the application available for rooted devices, but not for non-rooted devices. We, therefore, think to prepare a step-by-step guide for him and found a complete working solution for hacking purchases into the app/game without rooting. In this guide, we will use a third-party app called “Lucky patcher” to hack purchases in applications without root.


  1. Lucky Patcher apk Download
  2. An android device… Best If you have Rooted Android phone.

How to Hack In-app purchases with Lucky patcher? (App/game billing hack)

  1. (If your Device rooted)Open the app and grant root access.
  2. Click the app you want to hack.
  3. Go to “Open Menu of Patches”. And Click on “Create modified Apk File” or If your Device Rooted then you may choose “Support patch for InApp andLVL emulation”.
  4. Leave as it is and click Apply.
  5. Now it will patch the app.
  6. You can see the Patch results. We got some luck here. 23% of luck. Launch it.
  7. Try to buy coins or anything from the app or game. 
  8. Now Lucky Patcher Billing Hack would ask to get that item for free. That’s what we want. Click Yes. If it not works, turn on “Send a reply to the application unsigned” and try again.
  9. Now the purchase will be successfully done.


Custom Patch: Hack In-app purchases/billing (for Custom Patch Available App/game) with Lucky patcher.

You can use custom patch from the “Open menu for Patches” Menu. You can see the apps supports custom patch from the app/game list in Lucky Patcher.

  1. Select an app which supports custom patch and open menu for patches.
  2. See the description and if you are okay with it, click Apply.
  3. Launch the app/game. Now you successfully patched the application.

Q & A about How to Hack In-app purchases/billing with Lucky patcher?

What is In-App purchase?

  • In games, In App purchases is made to get coins, lives and so on.
  •  It is usually in apps to update into pro app without ads and with some additional features.

Why should we hack instead of purchasing?

  • We know a way to get coins, lives and can get pro version of apps in free, then why should we buy it. Why not?

How does it differ from freedom app?

  • I’ve already posted about Google Play Hack with freedom app in here.
  • Lucky patcher works on ART runtime as well as Dalvik runtime ( ART is used on Lollipop and will be used on future versions of android).
  • And it has lot of features than Freedom
  • Freedom app cannot be used on ART runtime i.e, Android 5.0
  • Can be used to block ads.
  • Frequent updates,
  • Custom Patches are available.

That’s All from lucky patcher Apk .co, I hope this post will help hack your favorite apps or games.


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