Lucky Patcher Apk Download (Original + Official) [Feb 2022]

We only provide you the original Lucky Patcher 9.9.9 apk download in 2022 to Old version lucky patcher apk for Android. We do not provide false or infected applications on our website. The application is 100% safe and will not harm your device. Here are the download links for different versions of the Lackypatcher apk and It’s not available on Google Play Store.

What Does It Exactly Do with Original LuckyPatcher?

Lucky Patcher apk is one of the very useful apps that removes ads, changes permissions, break some Android Market app verification license and more that is indeed a great help to those who get angry by these stupid ads, Harassing and large permissions shown if you want to download an app to the Android Market.

NOTE: lucky patcher original game hacker is not 100% operational, means that the patch may work or may not. it doesn’t warranty!

Lucky Patcher APK Download (Latest Updates)

App NameLucky Patcher vending.billing. InAppBillingService.LOCK
File NameLucky patcher .apk
Current Version9.9.9
File Size8.32 MB
Downloads8+ million
RequirementAndroid 4.1+

Download Lucky Patcher Apk

Here’s a new version of Lucky Patcher v9.9.9 apk original app is available to download for your Android. To enjoy all these features download lucky patcher apk for free now!


Download .Apk

File Size: 8.32 MB 

Here’s How to Use Lucky Patcher App

How to download and install Lucky Patcher’s Apk file?

This remarkable hacking tool lets you bypass in-app purchases and remove ads so you can enjoy games and apps seamlessly. As this is a hacking tool, it is not available in Google Play, but you can download its apk file on our website. The file is small and simple Here are the steps:

Read This Before Downloading!

Old version Lucky Patcher Download:



Download 9.5.4.Apk

File Size: 8.32 MB 

Download LP 8.7.1.Apk

File Size: 8.23 MB 

Lucky Patcher 7.4.3.Apk

File Size: 6.65 MB 

  • Patch process for Android 9 fixed;
  • Cyclic update fixed;
  • Read specific file name for custom patches fixed;
  • Bugs fixed;
  • Translations updated;

Lucky Patcher 7.3.7.Apk

File Size: 6.72 MB 

LuckyPatcher 7.3.0.Apk

File Size: 6.72 MB 

  • Activity name for launcher icons changed (if icon from desktop removed, get the new icon from apps list);
  • Buttons “Rescan apps” and “Options menu” to bottom toolbar added;
  • Split custom patches file on the server;
  • Translations updated;

v 7.2.8.Apk

File Size: 6.77 MB 

  • Modded Google Play 9.7.11 to 9.8.07 updated;
  • The engine for custom patches fixed.
  • Multi-patch fixed;

Lucky Patcher 7.2.4.Apk

File Size: 6.79 MB


  • Modded Google Play 9.2.11 to 9.7.11 updated;
  • Support patch for InApp emulation updated;
  • Bug to Proxy server for Google Play fixed;
  • SQLite database table for store apps info changed;
  • Ads SDK for start-app updated;
  • Return back option “Save purchase for restore” for in-app emulation dialog;
  • Show system apps by default;
  • Adcel ads SDK removed;
  • Move Application to /system/app fixed;
  • Uninstall system apps for android API 21+ fixed;

Lucky Patcher 7.1.7.Apk

File Size: 7.46 MB 

What’s New

  • FC for some firmwares fixed;
  • Rework to the new host for mod Google Play download;

Lucky Patcher 7.1.5.Apk

File Size: 7.46 MB 

Download LP as Zip File (5 MB)


  • Start process optimized;
  • Modded Google Play 9.2.11 added.

LuckyPatcher 7.1.2.Apk

File Size: 7.46 MB 

Download LP as Zip File (5 MB)

Lucky Patcher 7.1.0.Apk

File Size: 7.4 MB 

Download LP as Zip File (5MB)

  • Modded Google Play 7.8.74 to InApp ver.7 updated;
  • Cyclic addition of a custom patch from lpzip fixed;
  • Support patch for In-app updated;

Lucky Patcher 7.0.9.Apk

File Size: 7.62 MB

Download LP as Zip File (5.39 MB)

What’s New

  • Magisk Manager excluded from xposed hide list;
  • Modded Google Play to 8.9.24 updated;
  • InApp Billing by modded Google Play to ver.7 updated (need to install new modded GP for work);
  • Support InApp Billing ver. 7 for Google Play;
  • Mirror for Google Play in-app service removed (method too old and not work for modern apps);
  • AdsBlockList.txt updated;
  • Proxy server for Google Play updated to InApp Billing ver.7;


Lucky Patcher 7.0.5.Apk

File Size: 7.74 MB


  • Get classes.dex for some corrupted apk files fixed;
  • New host for auto-updates added;
  • Translations updated;
  • Bug’s fixed.

Lucky Patcher 7.0.4.Apk

File Size: 6.34 MB


  • Updating host changed (Old server will go down at 18th March 2018 – thanks MickyFoley for many years of assistance);
  • FC for proxy server GP fixed;
  • Set delay 3 days for auto-update custom patches;
  • FC for corrupted classes.dex fixed;
  • Generate license fixed for some firmwares;
  • Proxy server for GP to dialog “Install modded GP” added;
  • Bug’s fixed;
  • Translations updated.

Lucky Patcher

File Size: 6.14 MB

Changelog :

  • All custom patches removed from apk for reducing size of the apk;
  • Date import for custom patches list added;
  • Fix patch process for Android 8.1;
  • Sort by date for custom patches list added;
  • Custom patches updated;
  • Notify for new custom patches on the server created;
  • Fix patch engine for some firmwares;

Lucky Patcher

File Size: 6.49 MB

What’s New

  • Translations updated;
  • FC at start fixed.

LuckyPatcher 6.9.6.Apk

File Size: 6.47 MB

What’s New

  • Try fix FC at the start for some devices;
  • Custom patches updated;
  • Remove patch on reboot” added;
  • Bugs fixed;
  • Translations updated.

Lucky Patcher 6.9.4.Apk

File Size: 6.43 MB

What’s New

  • Try fix FC at the start for some devices;
  • Custom patches updated;
  • Remove patch on reboot” added;

LuckyPatcher 6.9.0.Apk

File Size: 12.35 MB

Lucky Patcher 6.9.0 App: What’s New

  • New tag [SHARED-PREFERENCES] for custom patches added (all info to English help for custom patches);
  • Fix Ads patch for some apps;
  • Update help for creating custom patches;
  • Custom patches updated;
  • Translations updated;
  • Bugs fixed.

LuckyPatcher 6.8.6 Apk

File Size: 7.41 MB

Lucky Patcher 6.8.6 App: What’s New

  • Translations updated;
  • Bug to custom patch engine fixed.

Lucky Patcher Version 6.8.5 :

  • Icons to multi-patch menu added;
  • Translations updated;
  • Bugs fixed;

Lucky Patcher 6.8.0 Apk

File Size: 7.34 MB

Lucky Patcher 6.8.0 App: What’s New

  • Update custom patches.
  • Fix log for custom patches;
  • Update translations;
  • Fix rebuild apps with custom patches;

Lucky Patcher v6.7.0 Apk

  • File Size: 7.30 MB


  • Fix lvl pattern bug;
  • Speedup lvl patch for android 7 users;
  • Update lvl patch patterns;
  • Update ads patches;
  • Fix bug for rebuild apps;
  • Update translations;
  • Bugs fixed;
  • Update custom patches.

File Size: 6.33 MB


  • Update modded Google Play to 8.3.42
  • Add button “Browse” for rebuild final dialog.
  • Update Xposed module.
  • Add button “All” to group operation.
  • Update hosts file for removing Ads.
  • Bugs fixed.
  • Update custom patches.
  • Update translations.
  • File Size: 5.88 MB

Lucky Patcher No Root Version – Available or Not?

No, there is no lucky patch apk no root version. Although you can install this same apk file on a non-rooted device, you will be able to use very limited features of this application.

Lucky Patcher is a hack tool that requires root access. If you use a non-root version, you will only be able to enjoy certain features of your smartphone.

However, if you want to take advantage of all the features of this patching application, you must use a root device and install the version that requires root access.

Last words

Note: If you found a broken download Lucky Patcher apk link from, please comment or send us an email. We will fix it within 24 hours. And you  must confirm that it’s 100% Lucky Patcher Original App 2018 – LuckyPatcherApk.Co


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  1. The latest version of lucky patcher is not not support of my smartphone. My smartphone is symphony i90, can you give me a solution of how to fix this problem.

  2. yo, does anybody have the old custom patch for 2017 UC Mini? been using old version cuz new is trash.